1st post ever!

Dammit! I gave in! For the last few months I’ve been thinking about making a blog. I didn’t know about what though, so I kept looking around blogspot and University doesn't leave me much free time so I had decided I would never had a blog, but turns out I suck at keeping my promises! So voilà! Now I have a blog! This should be fun, I guess. I always want to comment on other blogs or write my own thoughts/opinions/events of the day/whatever and now I can! Yay!

Anyway this blog won’t have a special topic I’ll just talk about my life, a teenie tiny bit of fashion, books, art and of course photography! Yup I love photography, it’s my artsy side! Anyway feel free to comment here or do whatever it is you can do on blogs! Hehehe I’m new at this so bare with me until I get a decent blog with images and stuff like it!



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