"El Rastrillo"

So today was this fair type of thing called "El Rastrillo" which helps out a foundation, they do it every year and it's AMAZING!! I always get amazing things there :) The idea is to help that's their  motto and is pretty much 4 days of fair with lots of stands selling all sorts of things from plants to bags. I got a couple of things that I'll show next.

Been looking for a big owl necklace and FINALLY I found it!! Yay!! And it was really cheap too so here it is:

Also got a simple ribbon bracelet to help "Make a Wish Foundation" with a little star hanging from it. You're supposed to tie it as many times as you can in your wrist and ask for a wish. Think I'll save it for a bit before I wear ;)

Also got a fake Longchamp bag, I know I know shame on me for buying fakes but I'm a student so no massive budget for fashion!! Will use it tomorrow for uni and I'll see how good it is :)



  1. Love the bag, who cares if it's a fake - you can't tell the difference! Where did you buy it from?

    Loving the blog - it's fab. If you get a chance, I'd love for you to take a look at my gossip and fashion blog www.scarlettlondon.blog.com xx

  2. Thanks!! :D Got it at a fair/market thingie here in Peru :) I'm sure you can find one on ebay!! :)

    Sure!! I'll go take a look :)