Almost a month since 2012 began....

and I haven't done much! Pathetic I know, but mehh hopefully it will get more exciting in the next few months.

As I said a while back I've been looking to either make or buy feather earrings, well I found them!! :)

I've received really nice comments about them :) everyone seems to like them hehehe. I don't know where they're from, I bought them from a girl that sells different stuff on Facebook but I'm pretty sure they're from Forever 21.

Also my love for everything pink seems to have returned:
Example A: pink candles I got the supermarket for my bathroom

 Example B: my mum got me this pink barrette 

Example C: Belle's little notepad which I haven't use yet cause it looks so pretty!! hahahaha

Also I've tried to do the halo plait for quite a while and FINALLY! I manage to do it :) Feel so proud hahaha. I still need a lot more practice but here's what I've accomplished so far :)

Thanks to D is for Dangerous and BooLarly and Elle UK and Lauren Loves for all the how to's :)
(yes I know there's lots of videos and pics but is a tricky thing to do!!)

Finally ZARA has arrive to Lima, Peru! And I couldn't be more excited :) I got a pair of jeans and grey trousers :)

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