Everyone's Irish on March 17th

My birthday is March 16th and I had planned going go kart racing but it was a bit difficult to do that so decided to go to do some paintball. Last year we also did paintball for my birthday so this year I decided to spice things up. March 16th is on Friday and most people are either working or studying so decided to spend the night with the family and have fun with friends on Saturday, which happens to be St. Patrick's day. 

I am not Irish but have always seen the celebrations for St. Patrick's day and thought it would be a fun thing to do and I found lots of ideas online.

Here's some of the ones I liked the best:

- For the guests

- For the table 

 - For the walls


  1. Ha ha, loving this... my family are originally from Ireland (well the great grandparents were) so I should really be a bit more Irish on March 17th too!

    1. ^^ I've already posted what I actually did in the end for the birthday party :P Well now you know what you can next year! :) I have no Irish family tho my dad has an inexplicable love for Guinness, maybe one of his ancestors were Irish! hahahaha
      thanks for the comment!