Happy birthday to me!

As I said on the previous post my birthday party was themed and I chose St. Patrick's day. This are some of the stuff I did for the party:

I found a green hat, some spakly foam (I think it's foam I dunno really, I mean I don't even know the name for it in Spanish!) Anyway all of the above materials were used to make this hat:
 And I found smaller green hats too so I also made them into Leprechaun's hats:


Obviously my hands after the sparkly foam ended up like this! Hahahah but I love sparkles so it's all good.
 Also did some necklaces

I found the paper circles online and I honestly can't remember were, but I created a board on Pinterest about it so you can find it there: http://pinterest.com/tinapatina/st-patrick-s-day-themed-party-ideas/

And this is how everything looked the day of the party

I added some ribbons and obviously jelly shots ^^

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