Bipolar weather

So today was the school carnival of the school I work in (yay I got a new job!! Been there for a month already and I love it! Never thought I'd be working at a school but oddly enough I quite enjoy it) and it was fantastic! I helped at the tombola for about an hour which I must say was more than enough! Hahaha maybe next time I'll stay longer but for now one hour was enough. 

The carnival was amazing and quite posh tbh, I had sushi from the best sushi bar in Lima! Amazing as always but quite hilarious to eat it on a plastic tray seating on the garden and using chopsticks hahaha but still fun. Had the chance to try Arab fob (kibbeh) and I must say I loved it! I need to go to the restauran and try more of it. I love trying new food it's soooooo good! Maybe that's why I'm not too fuzzed about food when I do exchange programmes but oh well! 


Now, for me, the school carnival is not complete without cotton candy and playing on the tombola, which I must say was amazing! I got an office chair (yay!!! cause my current one is broke!) and a bunch of other random thing that are, well, random but useful :)

Also the weather was insane! I woke up an it was coldish, then at midday there was this amazing sun and it seemed to be the middle of summer! I was melting, my god! So warm! I hate this weather I really do, I want cold colde weather again so I can go back to tights and skirts or pretty dresses, but apparently our winter won't be too cold, darn! Wish I was still in England with it's cold cold days!

(would wear all of this minus the cig obvs) Source

Now for the random moment, look at my pretty cup :) Got it at the kid's section at the supermarket :)


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