Running's mental

it truly is. I mean you're in pain, you sweat insane amounts of, well, sweat and there are times when you wanna die and  times when you just want to slap yourself cause "WHY THE HELL DID I SIGN UP FOR THIS?" Yes all of this goes through your head whilst you run, but then again, as many people have said before, if you gotta ask why you do it? Then this is not the sport for you. Yes you wanna die at times but the feeling you get when you begin a race or when you see the glorious end point or went you get to that much hydratation point or when your power song comes up on your iPod, those moments are truly amazing.

I've ran 4 10k races so far, my best time been 1 hour 16 min and my worst 1 hour 22 min. Could I do better? Ofc! But really I do it for the fun of it. Will I ever ran the 42k? Definitely! But first I need to get a better time in the 10k and then ran a couple 21k and then I will consider the full marathon, cause it takes time and I'm sorry but right now I can only handle the 10k. Stil part of my bucket list is the half marathon and the full one and I'm sorry but I don't care about the London or NYC marathons (yes I'd be thrilled to run through the streets of London, but honestly Ihave other races in mind, *ehem* disney races *ehem*)

In every race I learn sth new. Race one: All is fun and games till the 5k and in the 8k you wanna die. Race two: I NEED to take my phone!!! There's so many people on there that you easily loose the people you go with and well after 10k I don't wanna walk for half hour looking for my mother. Race three: (excuse the language) Who THE FUCK makes us ran up the damn hill on the 7k?? I mean seriously!! Always take into account the places your ran aren't exactly made for you to run. Race four: Runner's belt and KT Tape are the best inventions EVER!

This is KT Tape, I have seen it plenty of times at the races but never knew the name or anything about them until this week! They're this kinesthetic tape, I honestly don't know how it actually works but it's meant to reduce the pain and is used also when you have some sports injury (according to the website and the how to videos this won't act as a doctor, obvs! If you have a massive sports injury you go to the doctor! But there's some silly people out there so always better to clear things up!) I played tennis for about 11 years (as a hobby) and kinda ruined my knees, specially the right one, which tends to hurt a lot after/during a race but this time it didn't! What a wonderful invention this KT Tape is!! The race was today so I dunno how it will go tomorrow but so far so good! 

Also the runner's belt, there's a lot of different versions of it, I particularly wanted the Adidas one (above) but they didn't have it at any of the Adidas shops here so went with the Nike one and it was AMAZING, I barely felt it! And it kept my phone and money with me, which was a great help at the end of the race.

Also a headband to keep the hair put of your face is a must! And well I like to wear bows tadah! There's my orange bow :)

And this is happy tired me after and awesome race! :)

Happy running!

PS: I talk wonders about the KT Tape and the runner's belt cause I've used them, bought them with my money, no one told me to talk about them.


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    1. Sure! Let's follow each other :)

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