Let's go down to the apple tree...

Have a new favourite artist :) Nina Nesbitt! She's awesome! Have known about her for a while. It's amazing how much you can learn about new artist through twitter! Anyway downloaded here EP, The Apple Tree, today and I highly recommended! She's pretty amazing! 

Got the image from The House of Coxhead blog, which is another fun discovery. He's a music blogger and I think he's also a DJ, not entirely sure (he's done a run remix which is fantastic! and an Example remix which I also love). Anyway he's good for new music, all sorts of music really, but I think is mostly erm...house music, electronic? hip hop? hahaha I'm terrible at music genres. Anyway I like it it's fun and you should check it out as well! :)

Today I realize I haven't done an outfit post in forever so here's what I wore today.

Dress - from Argentina can't remember the brand/ Belt - my mum's/ Bag - Kosiuko/ Boots - Zara/ Cardigan - 15·50 (Peruvian brand)

Detail of the belt and boots :)


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