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Last week I went to the theatre twice :D Got to see Hairspray and Chicago. 

Hairspray was FANTASTIC! I've never laughed so much at the theatre!! Hilarious! The cast was brilliant! One of my friends was a bit reluctant to go but he had the time of his life! Ha! He can't complain I drag him to it mwuahahahaha. We arrive somewhat early to this show (about an hour and a half early to be precise) so we headed to McDonald's for some food, bit of an odd choice before the theatre I know! But we just needed something fast haha

The second musical was Chicago, which wasn't as spectacular as Hairspray I'm afraid. They had this amazing show but they didn't do it as awesome as it could have been. One of my friends was on it, he did an AMAZING job! I was really impressed with it and there was another number that was pretty fantastic too, but the main actress it too old and even tho she has an amazing career she should've sit this one out. But I had fun so that was good.

Wore my Zara sparkly shoes but you can't see it on the outfit pic so here's another pic of them :) I wore a dress and cardi from 15·50 (Peruvian brand).

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