Blog Challenge Day 4

Day 4 – Your favorite photograph of your best friend.

Well my so called best friend has forgotten about her friends and is doing a shitty job, sad, but it has given me the possibility to hang out with new people and to hang out more with close friends that I didn´t get to see as much but now I can't imagine not hanging out with them.

This two I've known since I was about around 6, but I've always been close with the guy on the left. On this time we actually stayed the whole time in a school for some religious stuff (I'm not religious but I was intrigued so I went, and ofc it meant having an awesome time with my friends. Think we slept for like half hour and then took a taxi back home wearing my Mario Bros Pj's obviously we had an EPIC time.

Her I've know for about 4 years and she's insane and I love her! We discussed I think nearly everything and we're somewhat similar on the way we think tho she's a bit crazy so somethings shock me while she acts like it's the most normal thing in the world hahaha but it works great!

This one is my cousin and she's more like a sister/best friend/cousin, I might not get to see her all the time but we always make time to see each other and catch up. Love her to pieces.

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