Blog Challenge Day 8

Day 8 – A song to match your mood.

'Afraid' by Yellowcard

'I'm afraid right now' That's probably one of the fe lines in this song that matched my mood this year haha. I consider myself a very happy and positive person willing to try most things (bungee jumping and sky diving are two thing I'll forever refuse to do!) but this year is a year of change, uncertainty and new things. First year out of uni and with a proper job, but still I'm somewhat terrified of what the future might bring. I like to plan things and when those things don't go as planned I get really really annoyed and frustrated, I've worked on it but still when certain things don't work as planned then there's trouble and this year there's a couple of things that I'm completely terrified about the outcome!! But I guess I should 'keep calm and carry on' haha how cheesy of me but that silly phrase got me through some stuff before so I guess if things don't go as planned I will cry like a baby, find the positive side to the mess that it will create and carry on :)

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