Blog Challenge Day 9

Day 9 – A photo of the item you last purchased.

I actually bought quite a few things over this weekend:

First off we have the teeny tiny blue notepad I got to do the 365/30 List:Philofaxers! (which you can read all about by going here or here)

Gotta admit I don't LOVE the little guys on the cover, but I do love the planets on the inside.

Then I got yet another Harry Potter and Philosopher's Stone book (I have about 4 versions). I just can't help myself! It's Harry Potter, I grew up with him! Anything new, even if it's only the cover of the book will get my attention.

And finally I got some presents: Dinosaurs colouring book for my nephew, Another Turn Of The Screw by Henry James and My Bibliofile: A Reading Journal For Book Lovers for my aunt and uncle and finally The Diaries Of Adam And Eve And Other Stories by Mark Twain for me hehe.

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