It's time to buy a Filofax

Every new year the search for a new journal/diary begins, actually it begins about 2 months prior to that and every year since I was 12 I've had the girliest one, with the exception of the year I got The Nightmare Before Christmas one and the Mickey Mouse one. And I've always used them either as a diary (the things I find when I read the one I wrote when I was 12 are seriously embarrassing!!) or as a planner, my uni life/work/deadlines can be summarized in the many diaries I've own, but last year everything changed!

It was my last year at uni, it was the start of my working life (as a student my parents AND teachers wouldn't let me work :/ They believed that if I had the chance to be a full time student then I should be one and enjoy uni, which I did but I dunno I always thought it would've been good to work a tiny bit at some point before my last year), it also meant coming back to my country after 4 glorious months in England. I know 4 months is nothing but it was truly the best exchange programme I had done, met the current boyfriend, improve my English greatly, lived alone for the first time ever (in previous exchange programmes I had stayed at homes rather than student residence), made some amazing friends, partied like I had never done it before, got the chance to actually enjoy philosophy (art philosophy that is) and had an amazing experience overall, but I was back in Lima! How annoying! I love Lima, yes, I love my family and friends, yes but I also love not living here! I dunno why but it's always been like that, when I was little everyone dreamt of living in the posh area of Lima in a big house and I dreamt about whatever country I would be living, well after 2 long stays in England, I know where I want to live and I've fallen head over heels for the English, their culture and their country, how and when will I get there? That's something I ask myself everyday but whilst I get there I need to enjoy Lima. 

Last year of uni was chaos, complete chaos and for some reason I didn't use my planner which added to the overall chaos. I had internships, work, uni, thesis and my photography career, which thankfully I was done with that at the beginning of the year. Fast forward to December of that year (2011) and I was done with uni, done with internships but also done with my work contract! The horror! I had to look for another job! I was somewhat discouraged, I had finished top of my class (something I kinda assumed and was confirmed at the graduation ceremony yay!) and I had no job, not cause I had been fired but because the place I worked at had had a major budget cut and, with it, my position was gone! So I had 3 months of interviews and stress and some lazyness too. I was kinda lost, since I had nothing to do! I mean I had my thesis yuk! I hate that thing but I had no job so my poor 2012 diary was forgotten. Fast forward to the second week of April and after one week of tension I got a job! Life was good again and I was busy again! Yay!! 

Work is been the Librarian Assistant for the primary section of the library and for the EC3-K library (yes 3 year olds have their own library which they LOVE!) so work started again and I didn't wanna use my diary for some bizarre reason so I started using Excel for my everyday things and ended up having a HUGE worksheet on there with lots of colours. Not the best but did the work, but I still was missing something. 

The school has the US/Canadian academic year which means we start in August and finish in June. So during the holidays I discovered Filofax, whilst reading Lauren's blog, and I immediately fell in love with it! It looks fantastic and I've discovered quite a huge community (starting with Philofaxy, which I believe is fantastic in giving you all the information you need before buying a Filofax and hopefully will continue been awesome once I order mine).

So the Filofax I want is the Metropol Personal in Raspberry

I've seen quite the considerable amount of YouTube reviews (Joshua LaPorteImogen Callawaylovelylina and theotherstorygirl were the most helpful) and I've decided the Personal size is the best and I love pink so seems only fitting I get this colour. Now all there is to do is place the order! :) Once I get it I'll write about it. Seems there's a trend on making videos about the unveiling of the filofax and how you're using it, I'm more a photographer than a filmmaker but we'll see how it goes.



  1. Great decision! I just started using Filofax organizers last June and now I'm seriously hooked. You're gonna love it and a Pink one, how awesome is that? Have fun.

  2. Hi Mary! Thanks :):) I cannot wait for it to arrives!! :D