Oops...I went shopping ;)

Continuing with my little Filofax obsession and my never ending obsession with sticky notes I present to you the Lego Sticky Notes!! 

Of course my inner child spazz as the kid she is when I saw this. What could be more awesome then sticky notes Lego bricks! So much win! Now if only the Filofax arrived...

I also realize that my keys to the little kids library had no pretty keyring and since they didn't have the Lego brick key ring I got a little penguin instead ^^

I also went to Zara where they finally have new things (they've been on Sale for the past 3 things and I already knew all the items they had). I got a denim blouse and light pink trousers.

I've been on the lookout for a pair of light pink skinny jeans for the past year and FINALLY I found them! I cannot wait to use them ^^

Finally I went to Warehouse where I found this amazing bag that which price had been reduced to nearly 70%. Amazing bargain!!

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