While the Filofax arrives...

I go crazy browsing Pinterest. I know some people at Filofax aren't too keen on Pinterest buuut it's a great resource when it comes to DIY :) I don't know yet if I'll be ok with the Week on Two Pages insert that comes with the Filofax, I think even a week on one page would be fine by me. I'm sure the to-do list will be the one I use the most but whilst I wait for it to arrive and actually use it I've found some lovely things I can use for it.

First I found this weekly planner where you can either print the whole thing and use it as it is or, once I figure out how to print stuff to fit te Filofax, use it there instead of pages it comes with

It comes in a bunch of different colours and it has a little space for each day of the week, that week's schedule (instead of the bit where it says menu) and a to-do list. You can get it from artsy-fartsy mama and it opens as a Google docs document, which you can download as a PDF.

For chores, to-do lists I found quite a few but and here are the ones I like best (found more useful, since sadly pretty colourful doesn't mean useful).

I know it says Boys/Girls but once you print the chart that space is blank, think it's just cause of the colours. Anyway I thought this works great if you have repetitive tasks, so on the left hand side you write the tasks and then you just tick them off each day as you get them done. I suppose this would work for parents, getting their kid's chores done but I believe anyone can really use it. I work at a school library and I'm pretty sure I could find a way to include this on my daily routine. You can get the chart from Pinch A Little Save-a-lot

This ones are more to the point and pretty self explanatory I think. Also it reminds me a lot to the stuff you'd find at Knock Knock (from where I will buy lots of sticky notes and notepads!!). Sadly I can't find the pink version (if someone does TELL ME :D) but here's the link for the two green ones, they're at Brought To You By The Letter B.

This next one is for all those things you'd like to do eventually or if (like me) you like to add some fun to your every day tasks.

This one you can get it from Wild Olive: handmade crafts and cuteness.

**Think I broke Blogger so I'll continue this list on a different post....

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