While the Filofax arrives...(part 2)

Here's part 1 which I had to stop cause Blogger wouldn't let me continue posting pics, think I broke it oops! Anyway moving on...

This next to-do list you'll find on this bundle is the reason why Christmas can't com sooner! Hahaha

There's the little Santa, snowman, tree and I think there was something else but I can't remember. You get a shopping list, tags and to-do lists all with the characters from above! You can find this Christmas fun over here: Paper Glitter.

Now this next printable you can use for whatever you want really, the person that runs the blog used it for a birthday party, but I think it cold be use in dividers and you could even write on it since the pin isn't that bright.

And you can get it here: Blow Out Party.

This next one, I gotta admit I'm not a huge fan, but I'm sure some people would like it.

And you can get this notes here: Wild@heart

And now just for the fun of it this lovely tag from Pigeon (Mo Willems' amazing character and star of a few books)

As I said before I am a Librarian and I work at a school (mostly with EC3-K and Primary School) so loving characters from children's books is completely normal and perfect for the job ^^ You can get this from the author's blog, Mo Willems' Doodles. And if you have little kids or like me you are a child at heart, then I highly recommend his books, especially Don't Let The Pigeon Stay Up Late and We're In A Book (An Elephant and Piggie book).

Now if you'd like even more free printables you can check my Pinterest board on the subject :)


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