Filofax inserts using a cute notebook

Saw this a while back in the market and once I got my Filofax decided to make it part of it :)

As always you get the odd Chinese translation to English.

Seen as I am a librarian my dad thought the giraffe was hilarious! But I just think it's adorable!! ^^

This and the two following pics are some of the pages the notebook comes with.

It has quite a few pages so I'm sure it will last for quite a while :)

I cut the binding.

Pull it slowly apart.

And got rid of the pieces of glue that hang of it.

As you can see this pages are a tiny tiny bit smaller than the FF ones but not much :)

Made all the holes on them

And voilĂ ! Here are the pages on my FF :D


  1. OMGosh!! That paper is so cute!! I've looked for cute stuff like this in my area w/o luck. So sad :(

  2. Romina- Thanks!! Awww here I got it in the market. Maybe try the dollar shops?

    Alondra - Thanks :D