My very first Filofax!!

It took about a month to arrive but it's here! :D My Personal Metropol in Raspberry has arrived and I've already started to use it :) I still need to add a few things but also need to see if the things I've put on it work for it's very first week! :D

There's no unpacking pictures of it cause the box in which it came in didn't say it was the Filofax (I order it thru Amazon) and my dad had ordered a book as well so I wasn't gonna take pics of his book! So here's the post on my excitement hahaha click here! And also about the inserts I bought (zip lock pocket, finance sheets, notepad).

Anyway I set up everything I needed on my bed to neatly organized it, Pooh & Tigger box is where all my stickers and post it are and you can see at the bottom of it the notepad I used to write all the stuff I needed for the Filofax, the pens I bought and the blue journal is what I was using before the Filofax. The blue journal was a Christmas gift and it's from Cross and it came with a gorgeous Cross pen but it was only that a journal, no dates no nothing, just lined paper.

Then I had a moment of panic cause I couldn't find my Lego post-it and this happened...

 Adding to the mess is my Samsung tablet and my mobile charger, that was probably under something haha.

This are the pens I bought:

Paper Mate eraser.max 1.0m blue and purple, Faber-Castell Trilux 032 Medium light blue, lime green and pink, and the Paper Mate 100 1.0m pink one I found in my drawer at work (and I love it!). And I was trying to figure out how to put everything on the Filofax buuuuut couldn't think of anything and I didn't want a pencil case, but still wanted several colours since I have colour coded my Filofax and the bf (ever so helpful!) pointed out I was probably gonna loose that many pens. So today I went to the supermarket and, as always, went to see the pens they had (there's no such thing as too many pens/post-its) and I found the solution! Maped 4 colours twist pen! Or whatever it's called. Who knew they stock them here??? I had NO idea. I saw it on one of imysworld YouTube videos and decided to get one. Solves the problem of carrying many pens, tho being me I have three pens now the Paper Mate pink one, the Paper Mate blue one and the Maped 4 colour one. 

Well now for the Filofax, you open it and you find the little notebook I bought for the 360/30 lists, zip lock pocket with stickers.

On the plastic page I put some post its.

On the back of it I put a few more and my name as a label (I found the old labeling gun at work hehe couldn't resist!) The little flags to the right came on a white construction paper so I cut it, punch the holes and put it on my Filofax, very useful.

I have the week on two pages, this is this past week. Filofax arrived on Wednesday as you can see :) And I've colour coded everything, each boss has its own colour (I have three bosses), the school has one and then my personal stuff is hot pink.

Need to get the dividers I've done covered in that hard plastic so in the mean time I'm using the dividers the Filofax came with. I downloaded this and made it so they would fit on my Filo. Again each boss has its own paper. You can find some of the printables here.

Finally I have room for random notes, which has the note paper form Filofax, a section for my finances and I will add contact list once I've found a paper I like :) This is the test week for the Filofax so we'll see how it goes :)

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!!


  1. Congratulations Tina....It looks like a fun set up....!!


    Tamarah :o)

  2. Thanks Tamarah!! I'm definitely enjoying it :D

  3. I really like your selfmade notepaper. Would like to print my own too but I'm not so skilled.

  4. Thanks!! :) I just copy & paste the images on the diary inserts I found on :P I deleted what they had done and put the images instead so i still had the right size for the filofax :)

  5. Sounds very easy but I still think I'll need a video or picture tutorial ;-)


  6. Hahaha *hint hint* ? I'll try to do one ^^