Simple diary

So I began this post the day before yesterday and it started something like "Saw this at a bookshop the other day...Not sure if I'm gonna buy it...blah blah". But being me, I HAD to have it hahaha. What is this thing I'm on about you say? Well it's called the Simple Diary, on the website is described as:

'Keel's Simple Diary offers structure for those who don't have time to wonder, making it easy to record life's moments. It gives the pleasure of a quick response and the sense that no matter what's wrong, more is right.' (Source)

They also mention reasons why people won't keep a diary:

'1. Not every day is very eventful.
2. It actually takes a lot of discipline to write.
3. In retrospect, many find what they have written embarrassing.' (Source)

Which is quite true, not everyday you have a million things to do or a million things to talk about, and yes you have to disciplined to fill out the diary everyday. So yes I think It's quite interesting. 

Each page looks something like this:

And it can have some very random stuff like: 
- A first name that gets on your nerves
- Butterflies don't know what they want
and so on. I love things to fill in the blanks, they're always so random and unexpected.

I was looking at the website yesterday (still deciding if I should get it or not) and read that the author was the same author of All About Me, which is a book, also to fill in the blanks, with a bunch of information. I bought the teenage edition when I was about 19 and fill a few of the blanks and I thought it was really fun, so of course I had to have this new one.

What do you all think about this fill in the blanks journals? Have you ever had one? Did you like it? 


  1. I saw a diary in a newsagent the other day and it featured dogs and comments about dogs. I will probably buy it and see if I can cut the pages out (carefully) punch the necessary holes and use this in my Filofax. From the little I handled it, the paper quality seems good. And yes, I am a dog person.

  2. Hahaha that sounds like fun :) I'd love to see how that looks in the end :D xx