So many books so little time...

So I knew I was reading about 7 books at once (I am bookworm and a librarian working in a school library, I am literally in heaven) but during this week off (it has its perks working at a school and suffering the wake up call at the ungodly hour, you get random weeks off) I decided I had to finish a few of them and I made a list (on my oh so pretty filofax!) and oh dear I am reading 13 books (3 of which belong to series/sagas) so now I can keep track of what I read. I was actually reading 14 books, been 50 shades of grey number 13, but I feel I can't really call it a book, a proper one (review coming up on next post or you can read on my Goodreads profile).

Here's my list

 and the book number 13 is The Casual Vacany by J.K. Rowling that I'm afraid I'm not on board with...yet. I don't know it's J.K. Rowling and the first shock I had reading it was that the characters are quite dark, the whole story is quite dark, no wonder she kept saying it was an adult book (Insert 9gag image about JK Rowling readers).

So how do you keep track of the books you're reading have read on your filofax? Or in general?


  1. I keep a book list under b of my index tabs in my list Filofax. This is a list of "books I want to read". (which ultimately turns into a books I have read list). I don't read as much as I used to as work always eats into my time so unfortunately that conversion is not happening as fast as I would like.

  2. That's true about the time, but I've discovered I can read a bit just before bed :) That helps speed things up.

  3. I listen to unabridged audio books whilst commuting, and also read books on my ereader - I often find I am reading 3 or 4 books at the same time. As an ex-librarian, I love books and read at every opportunity.
    I did have a list of books I was reading in a spreadsheet, but now use Goodreads, so I plan to print off lists of books from that and put them in my A5 Filofax - much easier than writing them out by hand, but I still have dreams of having a separate Reading Filofax.

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  5. I have never listen to an audiobook! I have one (got it from free from audibles I think or sth like that) and I dunno doesn't feel like a book I guess! haha Tho it might be a good idea for when I travel tho I feel I will space out and miss a whole chapter!! haha
    Once a librarian always a librarian ;)
    I LOVE Goodreads!! Whoever invented that it's a genius! hahah I have the Bibliofile Journal but I can't get myself to actually use it! But Goodreads it's my go to reading journal I guess ^^ But I like your idea of printing the pages and having the reagin filo tho I guess I could print them and put them on the Bibliofile I already have! ^^

  6. I have a looooong list of books to read, as well as my books I have read list, in my Moleskine Book Journal. I also keep a list of books to read in my Filofax. This list is drawn from my longer list, and consists of books I intend to try reading sometime this year.

  7. Most of my filo is devoted to books. I have a master list of what I've read, with dates and ratings out of five, then I've got review sheets for each book behind that, with filled-in ones going into index tabs.
    I've also added lists of the graphic novels I want to collect, so I can tick them off as I get them and hopefully not double up on any, plus a list of random titles I'd like to try some day.

  8. @Hannak How's the Moleskine Book Journal? Looks fantastic! I have the Fashion Journal and I absoloutely love it!!

    @Wendy Ooo I like your Filo idea! Sounds awesome and very organized! Also give you more freedom to fill out the stuff rather than have the book journals. Not really a big fan of graphic novels but I do have The Canterville Ghost and A Christmas Carol in graphic novel that I0m very intrigued about :)