Why do I read this things?

So I finish reading the damn book and it's bad. Now this might have spoilers, tho not sure what can you really spoiled when the book has no proper plot. They have sex, normal sex,kinky sex, make up sex, spur of the moment sex, Jesus fucking Christ what did I just do sex, seriouslyif you take away all the bits when they do then you end up with a book of 10 pages. anyway why I began reading it? I am curious and I am a librarian at an international school,obviously lots of the students/parents/staff where gonna read it, and some people seem to think is the best thing ever written (WTF??). But I did have a rather interesting chat with a mum there. She mention that the book was such a hit with older women (she's about 40 so me at 23 are considered a baby) was cause (this is what she told me) there's a point in marriage where all the crazy and exciting things (i.e. sex) stop happening, so the book (dear God it's a trilogy)comes in and works as their little kinky dream. I won't argue with her about it since I am not married so I'll leave it to them.

Now from the literary point of view, the books was BAD. I mean no wonder it was self published! I There was a time where I would read/write fan fiction and I actually found this "book" before all the hype, when it was still fan fiction and honestly I stopped reading it it was bad and I actually remembered some of the lines which you can find in the new book. Now I read Twilight (the four books twice), which was also quiet bad it had something that made me want to read it! This book, not so much. I read half of it in a couple of days and then got bored left it in my room and then 3 weeks later decided to finish the damn book, I mean I am reading 7 books! Nothing good ever comes of that amount of books, so I was on a mission! I had to finish it! And I did, in one night I read the second half of it and well it's bad, it's awful! Why are there 2 books more? I google the plot of the other two and well it was predictable what was gonna happen, I mean just read the second and third title and you get the whole story. But I guess to each its own, wanna read the book be my guest and after you do so please read some decent book!


  1. Just about to go sale here in France in French 'Cinquante nuances de Grey' at €17 for the book... a tad expensive for most of the locals I would think!

    Not read any of them so I can't comment but the writing community which my wife Alison is part of don't think it is of a high standard at all.

  2. Yeah it was somewhat pricey here aswell about 67 Peruvian Nuevo Sol (roughly $26). But think the price is cause of all the hype around it.

    It´s the lowest of the lowest, terrible writing/plot and one of the main characters is such a whiny girl that you end up been annoyed at her! They do however mention a few well known authors (like Henry James) since both main characters like to read so I hope people get curious about the authors/novels mentioned on the book and go read them! That way they'll get proper novels!

  3. Definitely not to be labeled as "literature"! As an avid reader, I was curious and read them (very quickly I might add because there was no "thinking" required). I do understand the hype and success though because it could seem like some girls' Cinderella fantasy -- rich, kinky guy with major emotional/psychological issues falls in love with simple, ordinary, albeit, young/sexy girl.

    I read them on my computer, I would never have bought these books, still won't. I might be a bit embarrassed if someone found them on my bookshelf. (:

  4. I do understand the hype, I mean it's the new twilight I guess or at least it was related to twilight therefore shall be huge no matter what, even tho it makes no sense at all.

    Hahaha I was gonna downloaded but as a librarian and a book lover my mind kept telling me "bad bad tina!" hahaa Tho I think after book 1 I might download book 2 and 3 if I'm ever utterly bored ^^