5 years from now...

So I've read about the 5 year diaries a lot over this past year and thought it was a brilliant idea, but couldn't really find one I absolutely loved. I found this 2, and a few more that resemble these two a bit:

and I thought they were a bit boring... I mean I need illustrations and colours and what not (obviously my stickers will be part of any diary I get!). So my search continued and I found the Q&A A Day 5 Year Journal.

Now this I thought was quite fun, but I dunno I mean I already have the Simple Diary (which I talked about here) to keep my writing random and unexpected. So I continued looking and came across this:

Success! I thought and then I realize it said 2012-2016. I was gutted, why hadn't I found this last year?? But not to worry! The amazing Marceline (she designs and runs askingfortrouble.org) announced she was doing a 2013-2017 version! And here it is:

And for the people that want the bigger version of it (think it's A5) here's the other version:

Now why did I choose this diary? Well just look at one of the pages on the inside!

This is adorable! And apparently every page has a little illustration, which I most likely coloured hehe.  Now this shop is in the UK and I looked on Amazon and nothing they didn't sell it there. So decided to ask the bf (who lives in England) to get it for me and HE DID!! So now all I have to do is wait :D I hope it arrives well and oooo some days later I'll have it in my hands :D

P.S. I know a few people have made their own, here's an example of that, and I'm pretty sure some people mentioned using their Filofax as one, which was my second option for the diary, but I quite likte the choice I made :)