It's getting closer!!

Yes! It's getting closer to that time of year again when you start setting up your new planner!! :D Exciting times! I have just one thing set in stone (Las Vegas Baby! ;) ) but I will not add that until I have some other stuff sorted but in the meantime I have used my very special Lego sticky notes to remind me of the things I have to do in 2013 and so this are the very first things to go on my Dodo Pad! How exciting!!! :D

So first off is a trip to Huaraz (city in the highlands in Peru). This might/might not happen (on my birthday!!! -.-) in March the second week. My boss (and the school I work in) helps a local library. Would be very good for me to go and see what a rural library looks like and what's it like to catalogue with very little resources. Would be a good eye opener and as a librarian I should know all aspects of the degree so we'll see :)

Now second we have the discarding of the Berenstain Bears Collections, they are so popular at the school that the books have been so used that they are now a bit destroyed and tbh a bit yukky (very professional library terms ofc!) so we have order replacements for the whole collection! But once that order arrives (sometime in Februray) I need to remember to discard the old books! We get so stupidly busy that I'm pretty sure me and my other boss will forget! So here comes the awesome Dodo Pad to save the day :)

Cannot wait to start using this!! :D It will be so good! And having three bosses the grid on this will work amazingly!

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