Motivation and a little splurge

To drag myself out of lazy town and start going to the gym or playing tennis (oh how I miss it!!) I buy new sportswear. A pretty tennis skirt or an awesome tee:
(Source: my own pic)

I actually love running but this Nike tee was too awesome to pass! Now my dissertation has been forgotten for the past year, yes I know lazy me but after stressing about it 24/7 for about a year and a half plus work, plus last year of uni, plus some personal drama, not having to think about the dissertation was fantastic! But I should get it done with right? I mean I have 70% done! Just need to lock myself in the library and do the damn thing! 

So I thought...starting again with my dissertation means new Filofax right? (honestly I think I just need a reason to get an A5 Filofax but oh well...) So I was looking around and my my A5 Filofaxs are pricey! But I've decided if I am not broke by the end of my trip I will get it! 

This two Filofax Dakota looks so amazingly gorgeous! just look at the texture! And oddly enough I like the colour, shame I haven't found a picture of how they look inside. Now I can't get any of this cause they're sold out :( So I'll leave them here just to admire the pics haha

So the option is a Raspberry Finsbury :)

And probably the main reason I want it is cause the inside has a zip pocket! I dunno why I like it so much tbh but I do.

So what do you use your A5 for? Have you use it for academic purposes? Even better, do you think I should get another model? If so which one? :)


  1. I've just had a mini splurge on an A5 Kendal; at 50% off £90, could you resist?? So far it has rested on its pedestal, safely stored in its box. I intend to use it for design, writing & general creative things, but I'm not sure where to start. A new filofax is like freshly fallen snow, the urge is strong, but you're worried about spoiling it.

    I hope you're lucky enough to find a similar deal soon :)

  2. I would recommend to you, to go to touch the dakota before you order one. I also like the texture very much, but unfortunately it feels just .... awful.. really. Not for me.
    Just touch it once and then decide again.

    But A5, of course, is a mega choice ;)

  3. I would agree with Ninalotta- I've seen the Dakota in person and find it awful! The covers are rock hard- no flexibility at all... it is hard to explain!

  4. Emma - Lucky you! Yes yes it's exciting to get a new FF but also a tad scary to see how it turns up :D I cannot wait to go to the UK and get my hands on some FFs!

    Ninalotta and J - bummer that the Dakota isn't as awesome as the pic! I've used a personal one for a few months now and quite like it but I think for my dissetation I'll need sth much bigger ^^