Once a fan always a fan?

I don't believe this to be honest, I mean I used to adore Britney Spears, then she went bonkers and her music stopped been so fun. Now, I used to be obsessed with this British boyband McFLY (circa 2006) but then they stopped being as fun as they used to and then went kinda quiet for about two years. This year however twitter was buzzing with news of new music (FINALLY!) but then they said it was a Greatest Hits album (yet another -.-) Needless to say I was a bit annoyed, they had been messing around online saying how the were in the studio and blah blah and then they came up with a Greatest Hits...I mean really? But a couple of days ago a friend on fb share a screencap of their new video:

And ofc curiosity took over and I had to see it. Now as I saw it I couldn't stop giggling and thinking 'cheeky McFLY, you disappear and then you make a video that only fans (that have known you since album number one) will understand'. Like this, McFLY recreated their previous albums
(someone took the time to put the previous albums next to each screencap)

Indeed cheeky McFLY but I actually enjoyed the song and any song that can put a smile on my face gets my seal of approval!

Well done McFLY I just hope this means you'll make a proper new album soon!!! And now with further ado I give you 'Love is Easy' by McFLY

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