Nearly a new year so new set up time :)

First thing when you open my FF (Metropol Personal in Raspberry) has stayed the same ever since I got it, zip lock pocket and stickers and on the card holders part I just added some photos (on the white envelopes), a little notebook, tiny ruler and magnetic clips (is that what they're called? I have no idea)

Then we have the always useful sticky notes!

Seen as it's December I MUST have a Christmas countdown! This one is actually one I made much much smaller the original version (link) is a lot bigger and you put cotton on the days rather than stars ^^

For my new dividers I use some old Paperchase postcards, this is the first one.

Also my Dodo Pad is set up :D

More Papercase postcards.

Cheeky Paperchase postcard :P

Stickers!! :D

My very famous dino - pen drive (every kid, from EC3 to Grade 12 has sth to say about it).

Blank pages (printed by me) for work stuff.

More stickers!! I have a problem with stickers! I want them ALL!!! And also some Halloween decorations I took down from the little kids library.

Filofax looking a bit chubby :P

Someone was wondering on the Facebook group how do we carry out FF. I carried it here, since I'm sure without protection it would have a slow painful death on my bag!


  1. Thanks :) But they're not stickers ^^

  2. gorgeous. I have the same metropol raspberry but yours looks so much cuter. :D

  3. Lovely. I have a thing for stickers, too. :)

  4. That's a good idea using the little pouch to carry your Filofax! I'm always worried I'll ruin the leather of my Filofaxes. Thanks for sharing!

  5. @Shaha Awww thanks lovely! I'm sure yours is as gorge ^^
    @Sharon They're a bit of an addiction aren't they?
    @Carla No worries! :)