Sticky notes....sticky notes everywhere

So was talking to the bf today, who (poor thing) has endured many trips to buy stationery and stickers, in fact he banned me from buying stickers!! Anyway he told me this today (after I mention how awesome the new Angry Birds sticky notes were).
'You always buy "awesome sticky notes", you always look at them, you're addicted'
Ha! I laugh, I mean I use them and I use them A LOT! I can't be addicted right? 

After that he proceded to send me this (which he found on

Gangman Style with a flipbook?? That's madness!! I mean who would've taken the time to do that?? But still it got me thinking, how many sticky notes do I own? So I decided to have a look around my room and this is what I found.

Bought this lot AGES ago, when my planner's were filled with "today I went to the movies" or "I ate ice cream", no planning happened ever, but I supposed this where the ones that began it all. Of course I've had had the normal post it notes with it's bright colours that every person owns, but this ones where the ones that stood out at first.

Then came this. I was obsessed with Diddl all the way through high school, I guess going to a German school and then travelling to Germany where EVERYTHING, I mean EVERYTHING had Diddl on it, does that! Kinda like the Brits and Mr. Men and Little Miss (which reminds me, I need to find sticky notes of them!)

This is my absoloute favourite and I refuse to use it! I mean what if it rans out?!?!?! The horror!! But oh well, some note will be worthy of those sticky notes at some moment in time.

Because no collection of sticky notes is complete without Post-its notes in random shapes and formats, gigantic pad at the bottom has actually worked a few times, so much so that the orange pad seems to have gone missing, even though I am sure I used it quite a bit last year!

Then there are the 'why did I buy them?' But I did so tadah! Little flags and animals, the latter been adorable but barely useful! Tho the little piggies did work for a bit.

Because this times wouldn't be complete without SOMETHING from Angry Birds! (My mother went Angry Birds crazy for Christmas and got me pj trousers and every character as a teddy! I mean, seriously??)

I'm intimidated by this ones, do I have to come up with a brilliant note to write on this? What if it's just "I need cereal"? 

And last, but not least, is the Origami Sticky note pad, which IS HARD!! Tried to do one the other day and failed, in a huge way!! But still adorable! I will master them eventually!

So what does your sticky note collection look like? Should I start the Sticky Notes Anonymous meetings next week?

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