The Sisters Grimm

As a booklover and children's librarian in the making, I LOVE the Grimm stories, I mean they're the foundation of my childhood! So when I came across this book I knew I HAD to read it!

In a nutshell, Sabrina and Daphne are descendants of the famous Grimm brothers, who did not write stories they wrote the history of the Everafters (fairytales characters who, OH MY GOD!, are actually real), sadly they're comfinde in a little town outside New York City called Ferryport Landing, cause things got a bit nasty with them and the humans about 400 years ago. So nanny Grimm lives in Ferryport Landing and solve the mysteries that occur in the magical town. Now Sabrina and Daphne are orphans (they're parents disappeared all of a sudden, leaving behind a car with a red hand print on the windows, ooo scary!) so are set of to live with granny. Sabrina (10) of course, is having none of it, whilst Daphne (5) is beyond excited, since living with granny means solving mysteries and meeting a ton of Everafters!

The books are a pretty easy read but I have to admit there's a couple of books that are a bit of a stretch, but still it's fairytales and mystery! How can you not like it?

Anyway I just finished Book 7: The Ever After War (2 more to go!!) and OMG!! That was so AMAZING!! Spoiler alert so please do not read if you don't want to know details about the book.

I figured out who the Master and the traitor was way before the sisters did, but still! OMG! How amazing was it! And I didn't think it could get more insane, seen as there's Everafters and magic literally flying around (there's dragons!! Evil bastards but still fantastic creatures). Cannot wait what Sabrina and Daphne are gonna do now that they're after the Master and the traitor! It's gonna be so much fun! And Puck! ha! hilarious child, but he's really nice too! I'm so excited about this series.

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