Once upon a time...

there was yet another book the kids in the library got OBSESSED with and as the curious person (and librarian) I am. I HAD to read it. Which I began on Wednesday and MY GOD! Why did I not know about the existence of this book when it FIRST came out! Granted I saw the Barnes and Noble in Las Vegas had everything related to the book and yet I pay no attention to it!

But anyway, I was warned by everyone and this book "You'll be crying like a baby" they said, well so far so good no crying. I like the main character, I think we could be friends :)

I would've never read this book if it wasn't for the students trying to read it or the recommendations, but I think so far it's been good and I don't know it is one of those books that I cannot stop reading because "OHMYGOD SOMEONE TELL ME RIGHT NOW WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN" but because it is like I am part of the story, part of the life of the characters, following their lives like the quiet friend that stands in the corner and listens. Have, obviously, not finished the book but I shall update this once I do, or once I feel like writing about it again.


Peter Van Houten is a dick!!! I did not expect this at all!! Yes I expected him to be a bit of a loony but this is too much! And I am so excited I'm getting all the other literary references! :D

The twists in the plot in this book are killing me. Seriously?? did you have to do that to Augustus?? Also why Augustus? Makes him sound all that more grand, like he was from another time, someone that must be remembered.

And I'm crying...goddamit!

This book should come with a free box of kleenex and a bloody warning! "Prepare to cry like a baby"

So have now finished the book and I would like to say: John Green, you bastard! That was one fantastic novel that everyone should read (preferably with a box of kleenex next to them).

Fucking fantastic.

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