I reaaaaally wanna drive the bus

On April we celebrate 10 years since 'Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus' was released.

A year ago I had no idea who the Pigeon was, much less Mo Willems. In fact I had to read his name to figure out what his name was! Yes I know, the horror!!! How can I not know who he is? Well living in Lima, Peru doesn't really make all that knowledgeable about other authors outside the classic ones, but now working at an international shook everything changes!

I've come to love the pigeon and pretty sure I have read every book we own in the library by Mo Willems! He is hilarious, not only kids love it but so do their parents.

I know a few of my friends that think they are too cool for "children books" but I believe Mo Willems' books are for all ages. My two personal favourites are this two:

I'm somewhat glad I found about this book now, when my English level is high enough to understand his cheeky jokes and world play.

Have you ever read any of the Mo Willems books? Which one is your favourite?

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