Never judge a book by it's cover

Or in this case by it's TV show.

I saw The Carrie Diaries book cover when it first came out and I thought, this looks like fun, then the TV show came out and I was hooked. No idea if it's getting a 2nd season or not but in any case I enjoyed the first one!

The novel is about Carrie Bradshaw before moving to NYC, before the now famous Sex and The City. It talks about her life in her little town of Castlebury and all the high school drama that comes along.

The book arrived in the Library over the summer break and one of the students first got her hands in it so I had to wait and then I got it. (Spoilers to come you have been warned).


First of it's NOTHING like the series, which shouldn't shock me cause I've read half of Gossip Girl and have seen the whole series and yeah, we know how that ended. Anyway began reading kinda put off by this fact (why? I don't know guess the show got me exited) but was determined to finish the book, which took FOREVER! I mean three weeks to read that?? Hhhmmm I'm disappointed but now that I've finished it GODDAMMIT!! Why the cliffhanger?? Now I have to ran and get book 2, which we do not have in the library and well I cba to buy so we'll see, but still wanna know what happens!

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