Ohh Lego...why??

I have loved Lego for a rather long time and it's been part of my life always. I have an auntie that up to the age of 85 she would build Lego and now has began giving me all her collection. I have bought most of the minifigure series since they first arrived in Peru (Series 3) and with the boyfriend we bought about 40+ minifigures in less than a month when Series 9 came out. 

Now Series 10 has come out, can you believe it? 10 Series of amazing minifigures! And then I check the minifigures they had.

First one I saw was Medusa. Pretty cool, I thought. So obviously I went straight to the Lego website.

And then surprise, surprise! A librarian! I am one, so I got stupidly excited but then I saw the actual figure and....

She looks rather boring, I am a Librarian and i wouldn't go near this little one EVER! She looks so boring!! I mean I was pissed and even more so after reading her description:


Books are just about the Librarian’s most favorite thing in the entire world. Reading them can take you on exciting adventures in far-off lands, introduce you to new friends and cultures, and let you discover poetry, classic literature, science fiction and much more. If only everybody loved to read as much as she does, the world would be a better place…and quieter, too!

The Librarian feels that it’s extremely important to treat a book with the proper respect. You should always use a bookmark instead of folding down the corner of the page. Take good care of the dust jacket, and don’t scribble in the margins. And above all else, never – ever – return it to the library late!'

Now I have a few things to say about this description:
1. Yes we do love books (but we also love kindles, iPads, technology!)
2. Now about the quiet world....they have certainly not gone to a children's library or a school one for that matter. A library should be inviting to students, therefore a quiet place is not always the way to go, yes you teach them how to act in a library but you don't go 'shh' when they whisper or even talk!
3. Yes you should treat a book with respect, but how do you read it is your problem. If it's not your book then yes, don't go around folding pages, but seriously we won't force you to use a bookmark!
4. Now about returning the book late...where I work you're suppose to return the book in 2 weeks, but we also want the students to read books! So if you wanna take for a month please do so and finish it!

Now the other thing on the Lego description is this:

Again Lego, what the hell? You have certainly never met a librarian, do you have any idea how much a box full of books weight?? Have you tried to lift it? Push it? Do any attempt to move it? Try to move one and then we can talk.

You get cookie point for the creativity part, yes we are rather creative and speed well, in my specific case I have had to run back and forth between libraries more than once so 2 stars does not make me happy! But that might be just me.

I realize this does not apply to all librarians, but I think we deserve an upgrade of our image, we are in a  new century (13 years in a new century!!!) and librarians have indeed changed!

Of course been a librarian anything that has library on it makes me want to have it! So byebye I shall go  get one! Damn you Lego!

*Note: All images belong to Lego Minifigure


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