Pretty pretty!

IT'S HERE!!! I bought this lovely Pocket Finsbury in Raspberry from the Adspot page at the Philofaxy blog and, even tho it didn't take that long to arrive, it felt like forever! Specially since I had to deal with a website in Dutch! I mean I speak some German so I could understand bits of it but really it was a pain hehe but it's here!!

First of all it's tiny!!! But so cute! Love it!

Also I didn't know it had that pocket! Which looks quite useful :)

Another pocket :)

Rings look ok.

Now on Adspot it said that it came with no inserts at all but oooo nice surprise! This is what I got:

A to Z tabs

I got Bank Account inserts and Expenses.

Now, what's the difference? Someone knows?

Also Address inserts....two...I think I will modify them! :)


  1. I plan on getting a Personal Size Finsbury in blue next month. Yours looks like a good one for organising your spending, and it's pretty, too!

    I had to deal with Danish when ordering my Chameleon! I'm glad I'm okay at languages, but when I got the confirmation mail, I put it through the Google translator, just to be certain. Cam arrived in less than a week, and I'm totally in love!

  2. Thank Regina!! :) Yeah it's really pretty!! Let me know how your personal finsbury is working! I'm thinking of getting one.

    Hahahah yeah I kept emailing the seller asking what everything meant! hahaha