Money, money, money

Making a Finance Filofax was a solution to my money management issues. I can survive with a set amount of money but I do tend to go a bit crazy sometimes and if I wanna travel I need to start saving money! For that to happen I need to figure out how much money I actually spend on the different aspects of my life.

So without further ado here it is! My Pocket Finsbury in Raspberry!

I had an old Toy Story 3 calendar so I cut one of the images from it to make my first divider.

Then at the back I put some London sticky notes and Lego ones.

Second divider is an image I found on 9gag.

I found this printable on Pinterest from iheartorganizing and I change it a bit so it could fit on the FF. Here I just write what I did/bought and if I just went to work and didn't do much I put a sticker on it. The cupcake marker I got at a fair but you can also get them here.

Not entirely sure where I got the image from tho, but I think it was a very suitable image for a Finance Filofax.

I did this myself on Excel and then I just printed it. The little icons I got from different websites, but if you type in 'free icons' on Google you get a lot of options like The Noun Project.

The seller send me some pages so I thought I might as well use it.

For the back of it I made a little envelope, very lightly following Ray's instructions.

And of coures, I put more stickers on the pocket that runs along the FF.

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