The Magic Notebook

So Adam (from Adamsfilo) mentioned if you use his code you'd get free stickers in The Magic Notebook.  And Of course, me being me, had to check out this new website!! I looked around for a bit and fell in love with their notebooks, but wasn't going to only order a notebook cause sending a notebook all the way from the UK to Peru seemed rather pointless and expensive! So decided to order a few more things hehe.

First I check they shipped to Peru and they did! Woohoo! But then time passed and it hadn't arrived! (oh no!) so I email the shop and they told me to wait a bit more, which made sense since parcels have a tendency to take a bit longer to arrive, thanks Rachel for being so patient with my emails!! So today it arrived!!!!

Look at that awesome tape!!

Now I always get excited with parcels but this one was AWESOME! Not only did I (finally!) got my first roll of washi tape but all my itens were in little groups and the tape on each bag was a different washi tape! So cool!!

This is from Adam's code, free translucent stickers!! :) 

This is what I got, bright pink washi tape!

Undated diary

Ghosts notebook

Alien Notebook

Russian dolls

And then in each bag I got random pieces of washi tape :D Thanks for that! Now I know how big is the really thick one! And the cakes one is AMAZING!! hahah think it might be part of a new order! hehe.

Overall very pleased with these shop so people go now and look at their stuff!

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