Revamping my blog (Part 1)

As you may have noticed, my blog's being going through a few changes. I want to give this whole blogging thing another go, so I figured I would change things up a bit.

First off I use a blogger template from Lovely Templates, called Putih Pekat.

Then I added the Instagram Widget using Snap Widget. Followed by some lovely social media buttons I got from Greatfun4kidsblog.

And, if you want Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/etc, to open in a new window; just add this to the end of the URL on the HTML code (don't know much about HTML so excuse the preiously badly written explanation! Proper example to follow)

Let's use the Read the Printed Word! button as example (which you can find at the end of my homepage). Also I've added * to the HTML code so it doesn't work.

<*a href='' HERE ADD target="_blank"><*img src='' alt='Read the Printed Word!' border='0' />

This is a work in progress, so I´ll keep you updated on any new things I do/find for the blog.


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