100 happy days part 1!

First 9 pictures of 100 happy days!

Starting from the bottom left:
1. Yes! Finally things are getting back to being a controlled chaos :D - Which means I get to play with my planner!
2. Even though my knee is fucked I quite like this doctor. He even has a BOWL of candy!! - Yes my right knee has been bothering me for a while so I went to see what the doctor had to say about it. Overall he was pretty awesome and had candy!
3. Waiting for the bus to go home - The school has a bus for all staff, which I have been using whilst the weather changes and I get to ride my bike again.
4. Back to school breakfast goodies, water for this crazy warm weather, phone, planner, mac and School Library Journal. Yup it's back to school madness and I love it!
5. This is why random days are awesome. The story pit in the library has momentarily change to sports pit. - Sochi 2014 Hockey Game (Canada vs. USA, canada won!)
6. Teachers are finally back! Yes it will get crazy but I love it
7. Late late Sunday lunch with mum and dad
8. Oooo lookie messy hair what a shock. I put my hair on a bun this morning "just for a bit" whilst I began working on one of the three boards I had to do. It's been now about 12 hours ^^ Crazy crazy fun day
9. Always a child at heart - At the top of the EPIC new playground in primary school.

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  1. I have tagged you in a new campaign that is just starting. It's called the Unicorn Campaign to help people become a little more positive in life. Hope you have a look and become inspired to join in. You can find the post here :)

  2. Hi Tina

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. What kind of pictures are you looking for? The ASOS link has a lot of photos and shows the scale etc. There's not much more to be seen?

    Lauren x

    1. Thsnk for the answer Lauren!! I love your blog! I was wondering how much actually fits in it? Looks very structured and not too roomy.